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For instance, if we limit ourselves to iOS devices, Google comes out on top. This is likely to be a consequence of Android devices coming with Google applications preloaded. Others – for instance Chinese YY (a video-focused social network) and Slovenian Outfit7 Limited – see a surprisingly low number of iOS downloads. If we break it down by app store, we can see clearly that Google Play dominates the global app download landscape. As of Q2 2020, over three times more apps were downloaded through the Google Play Store than through the iOS App Store – 28.7 billion to 9.1 billion. This is in line with the total proportion of users of each OS, with Android estimated to claim a 74% market share in August 2020. It is estimated that the global number of smartphone users will rise to 3.5 billion over the course of 2020.

Newzoo stats dating from June 2020 predict there will be 2.7 billion gamers around the world before the end of the year, 2.5 billion of whom will play on mobile devices. Compared against the stats for total internet users referenced above, this would give us penetration of 55%. In this analysis, social media comes out top, with users spending an average of 131 minutes per week using these apps. Taking a selected global sample of Android users, we find that these users log 60% more sessions in the top-25 non-gaming apps than other generations.

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They often install an additional file manager , privacy-enhancing applications , and even a device location ping app . Business applications hold a very close third place behind the educational software in terms of app quantity (less than 1% difference). Smartphone users value independence, control, and organization.

This new organization of the app store makes searches highly specific and more likely to bring potential users who seek your app’s service to your app. Apple advertises their update on their website with the slogan “Huge for developers. Massive for everyone else.” and explain that “ simply set out to create the most natural, most useful experience…”. Overall, it will be interesting to see how this new search model refines the way we find apps and how apps can now have an opportunity to shine in their special category.

Some Top Game Apps From Apple App Store:

This is near seven times more than the second-biggest category, ‘tools’, in which a 25% increase gives us a total of 1.82 billion. We see a few interesting trends related to operating systems here.

  • Here we would like to discuss about the best trending mobile app categories in 2017.
  • Endpoint Management can collect apps from Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and make the apps available to mobile device users in the app store.
  • Users subscribe to the apps directly inside the app store and launch them from Citrix Workspace.
  • Simform app usage stats break down average app usage time by app category, then compare this against the categories which users said they used they most.

From the flashlight apps on your phone to Speed Test apps, all are examples of utility apps. Don’t you ever feel like knowing which mobile app is trending or what application category is the most popular one in app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store? Well, this article is here to provide you with the right information and that too with examples of top app categories. For more information on the app category or particular mobile, we suggest checking out our app review section. Many experts have even stated that the average time spent on gaming activities have doubled in the past year or two. The gaming evolution is not focused on any one type of genre; the user now has a variety of games to choose from racing to the cooking games. That’s the main reason why people of all age are attracted to the gaming types of apps nowadays.

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However, all of them deserve their place in this category and on users’ devices. Clearly these apps quickly evolved beyond staying in touch, and have come to play a far more complex role in our lives. As GlobalWebIndex stats show , for many users, social media sites are used to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. The US & Canada region is the exception app categories to this, with only 32% of users spending more time with these apps during lockdown, despite a mid-range average daily usage figure. We might note an ‘average’ figure for Asia in this respect is not necessarily the most edifying, giving the considerable diversity of that region. These are not the only stats that indicate the huge scale of mobile gaming.

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Web applications require minimum of device memory, as a rule. As all personal databases are saved on a server, users can get access from any device whenever there is internet connection. That is why the use of web apps with poor connection would result in bad user experience. The drawback is access to offshore web development not that many APIs for developers, with exception of geolocation and few others. These apps are often used the most by all of us, but they are often characterized by the shortest user session times. You just open them up to get some sort of a task done and then move on with your life’s activities.

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If we looked at it in terms of devices, there are more connected mobile devices in the world (7.94 billion) than there are people. In Q1 2018, education apps were the most popular category, accounting for 8.29% of all apps on the Google play store. Education apps guarantee a solid retention rate, probably amplified by the pangs of conscience that stop weak-willed people from uninstalling the app. These apps add unique value and thus have a user returning to them time and again. The categories of mobile apps are listed in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, giving users the ability to tap on the category they want to search.

What kind of apps are in demand?

Therefore various Android app development services have brought a wide range of On Demand applications.
The top 10 On-Demand Apps of the year 2019 users are crazy about are :Uber.
Bloom that.
More items

In absolute terms, this comes to an average of 150 sessions per month, per app. Average monthly usage time for each of these 25 apps is 3.8 hours. These figures also show that mobile internet users account for 91% of total global internet users (90% being smartphone users). Widening the timescale to the first half of 2020, App Annie stats show that users collectively spent a total of 1.6 trillion hours using mobile devices across the six months in question. The disparity between games and other app categories is even more pronounced in Google Play download stats. Here, game downloads have registered an incredible 51% year-on-year increase in downloads, to total 12 billion.

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Although most apps from this category can be used to learn new facts or acquire new skills, each of them operates in a different way. It is app categories hard to find any similarities between a language learning app , various course providing platforms , and an image-analyzing calculator .

Can I change categories on screen time?

It’s fairly straightforward to set App Limits for categories. Start by opening Settings, and then tap App Limits → Add Limit and pick a category of apps.

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